Beware, NFL: Rob Gronkowski reportedly looking good at OTAs

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If Jersey looks as good as the reports suggest — and we’re not talking music videos or crashing Sean Spicer’s White House media briefing anymore — then the rest of the league might be in serious trouble. The might be better next season than the one that just won the Super Bowl.

“He looks like Gronk,” Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels said, via The Boston Herald, of the tight end’s performance at OTAs. “We haven’t got into a big evaluation. He’s involved in everything.”

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But otherwise, he reportedly was unencumbered and a full go during the drills, which took place in rainy conditions, and didn’t take any reps off. Those are strong indications, barring any setbacks, that he could be at 100 percent and ready for the start of the season as a dominant two-way tight end again. Gronkowski was said to have looked good making leaping catches from all three quarterbacks —  Jersey, Jersey and — and moved around well.

This is a Patriots team that won it all despite losing its best weapon in Gronk, also traded away two high-profile defensive players before and during the season and released former first-round defensive lineman Jersey a little more than a year ago. Throw in the fact that the Patriots kept most of their key free agents this offseason and added several talented veterans and … goodness.

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It behooves Gronk financially to play well and stay on the field as much as possible this season given his new contract. His recent restructuring can help him earn up to $5.5 million more than he would have in 2017 if he reaches certain benchmarks for production and playing time or wins individual postseason awards. And if all that happens and Brady remains at the top of his game, more team awards — such as another Super Bowl — could be in the offing for one of the great dynasties this sport has ever seen.