Jay Cutler’s Chicago house is for sale, and it’ll give you sticker shock

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Attention, new quarterbacks: There’s a sweet, new QB-tested home that just hit the market.

Listed on zillow.com, the seven-bedroom, 10-bath, 11,000-square-foot home owned by former Bears QB-turned-broadcaster Jersey and his wife, Kristin Cavallari, is up for sale.

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[Fantasy Football is open! Sign up now]Oh, we know you want to take that virtual tour. For some people, real estate is their pornography, and that’s just fine in our minds. Look away, guilt-free.

Yes, that’s a basketball court in the middle of the home owned by Jay Cutler Jersey Jersey and Kristin Cavallari. Which is now for sale. (Zillow)MoreThe estate is located at 561 Circle Lane in Lake Forest, Ill., which just so happens to be a tidy 15-minute drive to Halas Hall, the Bears’ headquarters. It also happens to be perched in one of the more chichi suburbs of Chicago, right on the banks of Lake Michigan which adds a nice little multiplier to real estate.

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Cutler’s former (LOL) rival, Jersey, put his house on the market earlier this year — for, um, a little less — and everyone speculated why. Maybe it had something to do with his social life, maybe it didn’t; we have no idea. As for Cutler’s motivation to list this behemoth, it appears fairly clear: he’s out of a local job.

Cutler and Cavallari are said to be moving to Nashville, as Cutler’s new gig calling games with Fox won’t require him to live anywhere specific. And we suggest he has his people call the people for the two new Bears QBs taking his place. Hey, business is business, and Jersey and Mitch Trubisky are the flavors of the month.

espn nfl pro bowl 2016 score results Maybe Glennon isn’t feeling like putting down roots right at this moment, given the presence of Trubisky breathing down his neck. But right now, Glennon has more cheese to afford such a pad. And, yeah, that’s a lot of money for anyone. When athletes put their houses up for sale, they tend most often to sell to … other athletes. Can’t hurt to ask.

Is it worth that much? As a famous person once said, a thing is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. That said, it’s a really, really big house, and — legit — it seems pretty tastefully appointed. Even with the slightly gauche Chicago Bulls court built inside of it. The wine cellar is a nice touch. The movie theater makes it family-friendly. The exterior and deck are well done. There’s no “JC + KC” wrought iron fence panel that requires calling a welder for removal.

cheap jersey nfl jersey Is it almost $5 mil nice? That’s a question for someone in a far different bracket to answer. Not that a certain blogger’s wife wouldn’t mind dreaming of buying it.