Richard Sherman says report of any rift with Russell Wilson is ‘nonsense’

An interesting story from that claimed still hasn’t gotten over the ’ loss in Super Bowl XLIX and some defensive players resent quarterback was met with an expected response.

A couple of prominent Seahawks, including Sherman himself, denied that there’s anything to the story.

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Sherman is active on Twitter, but didn’t say anything about the story on social media. But when asked by Sirius XM NFL Radio, he dismissed it.

“Its just a bunch of nonsense from ‘anonymous’ sources,” Sherman said. “Can never put much gravity of things like that.”

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Fellow Seahawks star defender Jersey was adamant that there was nothing to the story. @espn @ESPNNFL this article is trash and should be on tmz it’s all gossip I’m Surprised this came from you

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I love @DangeRussWilson great teammate n friend and even better human .I was at his house last week and he gave me BBQ ribs — Michael Bennett Jersey Jersey (@mosesbread72) May 25, 2017

Aside from Wilson passing the time-honored BBQ ribs test as a teammate, it wouldn’t be unusual for there to be some resentment toward a star quarterback. Wilson’s salary-cap figure of $18.8 million is more than $5 million more than any other Seahawks player (Sherman is second). Wilson, like any other big-name quarterback, gets an inordinate amount of attention. These things can create tension in any locker room.

The author of the ESPN piece, Seth Wickersham, is also highly respected and defended the story.

‘@SethWickersham’s response with us just now:

“I’d like him to see my phone and see all the people in the building who say I nailed it.”

— The Russillo Show (@RussilloShow) May 25, 2017

It’s very likely there’s at least something to the story, though it doesn’t mean there’s an irreparable problem in the Seahawks locker room. Even if there’s a legitimate issue, it’s a fantasy to believe all 53 players in every NFL locker room are good friends. The Seahawks will be fine regardless.

But Seattle has been the NFL’s most interesting team the past few seasons. A little bit of offseason drama is nothing new to the Seahawks.

Richard Sherman Jersey said a story that portrayed a rift between him and Russell Wilson Jersey is “nonsense.”